Best Career Options in M.Sc Biotechnology in India 2022

Best Career Options in M.Sc Biotechnology in India 2022

What is Biotechnology- Study of Biology in terms of technology, in terms of reasearch and developmentthere are wide range of subjects in Biotechnology like Engineering, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry.There are wide range of applications moreover after completing M.Sc. in Biotechnology In which department you’ll be able to work after completing this course? Those are Medicine and Agriculture departments. ( Best Career Options in M.Sc Biotechnology in India 2022 )

In Medicine department you may be functioning on development of vaccine similarly as husbandry In Agriculture Department, you’ll learn development of insectisides & fertilizers and the way to boost quality of seeds.

Hence after completing this course, you’ll be having multiple career opportunities, If you made the choice to try and do this course- M.Sc. in Biotechnology then this can be superb option.

In this post you’ll learn all the small print about M.Sc. in Biotechnology.

Duration for M.Sc. in Biotechnology is 2 years

Eligibility – Minimum graduation with Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry with aggregate 50% marks

Now we are going to discuss about admission procedure.

Entrance exam is compulsory for admission.

To take admission in IIT, JAM (Joint Admission Test for in Biotechnology) exam is mandatory.

Next exam is GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

For Manipal university- Manipal university Common Entrance Test are going to be there. CET are going to be different for them,If you wish to require admission in JNU then CEEB exam is compulsory.

Now we’ll discuss about, course fees

Fee varies from institute to institute, however it ranges from 40000 to 2 lakhs,

Now, we’ll discuss about career objectives,

I already mentioned earlier, within which sectors you’ll do job after completing this course. we are going to discuss more intimately,I can tell you in summarised way- you’ll do job in small scale start-up company which works in biotechnology.(Best Career Options in M.Sc Biotechnology in India 2022)

Second, you’ll be able to also add pharmaceutical industry in several laboratories or companies

Third is, you’ll do jon in contract research organization

Fourth sector is IT (Information Technology)

Because in IT industry Biotechnologists are required in Big Data field They are liable for performing DNA sequencing and Similation and modelling.

Now we’ll discuss about different companies who can hire you,

Those companies are Biocon, Bharat Infotech, Pinaca Biotech, Yashraj Infotech,In Pharmaceutical sector, below companies can hire you- Astrazeneca, Glaxo, Sun Pharmaceutical, Dr. Reddy’s, Ranbaxy

If you’re searching jon in IT sector then Infosys, HCL, TCS, these companies can hire you as Biotechnologists.

Now we’ll discuss those universities from where you’ll try this course and find high chances of growth,because once I thought of constructing this post that point, after reading some blogs and opinions from different people.

I realized that , after completing M.Sc. Biotechnology, percentage of getting job is extremely less or its but expected

Hence, i’ll tell you some selected Universities and colleges where you’ll be able to complete this course and acquire good job

Lets speak about those universities.

1) Punjab University

2) University of Mysore

3) Loyola college Chennai

4) Banasthali University, Jaipur

5) Christ University, Banglore

6) Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

7) Vellore Institute of Technology

8) St. Xavier College of Mumbai

9) The Oxford College of Science, Banglore

10) Stella Maris college Chennai

11) Fergusson College Pune

12) Jadavpur University Kolkata

Now we’ll discuss about Subjects

There will be semester pattern, In first year- 2 semesters and in 2nd Year- 2 semesters

I have mentioned all details about subjects in description of this Post,

Because there are many subjects in Biotechnology.

Roles of Biotechnologists :-

What will be your role after completing this course

1. to make a regular procedure for sample collection, procedures and transfer of messages to contact research organizations

2. to review chemistry of living organisms- How they digest, How they breath and the way other development happen etc.

3. Next is, to review gene transfer from one organism to other organism

4. To manage ISO certifications and FDA regulations and quality policies

5. Conducting training for FDA regulations, ISO certifications and Quality policies

6. Investigation of DNA and RNA of microorganisms or bacteria which causes infection

7. to provide reliable and precise data for support of scientific investigation

There are all details about your roles after completing Biotechnology

Employment after completing Biotechnology :

1. Agriculture Research Organization

2. Hospitals

3. Medical lab

4. Food Institutes

5. Drug Companies

6. Testing Labs

7. Chemical companies 8. Educational Institutes

So here we’ve discussed about different career aspects after completing M.Sc. in Biotechnology

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