What is BioInformatics ? And Its Importance.

What is Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics & What is its importance in the modern world…

The Bioinformatics involves several sub-areas, such as genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics also, data visualization.so

what is Bioinformatics? According to the definition that Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of science that develops and improves methods to the storage, obtention, organization, and analysis of biological data So, what does this mean? Bioinformatics is an intersection field between Computational Science and Life Science This is one idea, but… Bioinformatics goes further Because Bioinformatics involves knowledge in several other areas, such as chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, math, statistics, engineering So, several areas group to try solving biological problems and bring improvements for the health area Well, how can we define Bioinformatics?

Bioinformatics is the use of computational methods to elucidate paths to biological experiments Also, Bioinformatics allows, through the new machines, next-generation of computers, allows analysis in high scale and this is allowing for the science new discoveries Here we have some studies that have been proposed in the Bioinformatics field for example, how to produce biofuel with low costs? For example, methods to fight against bioterrorism such as anthrax, ricin… so Bioinformatics has been used to fight against these “malefic products” and Bioinformatics is being used also to understand how diseases work.

for example… diseases caused by DNA mutations studies of cancer, production of new medicines It is being used in personalized medicine to propose specific treatments for a specific group of people so, all these things are studied by the Bioinformatics So,

What is necessary to study Bioinformatics?

Firstly, data mining once… through the new machines it’s possible to obtain a big quantity of data So, it’s very important… it’s very necessary for people that have the capacity to detect patterns in the data and this can help us to understand how diseases work and bring new knowledge.

What is necessary too?

Basic knowledge of life sciences! I said that mainly for computation students Life sciences’ students must have knowledge in data mining and Computation’s students must have knowledge in biological fields because they need understand a biological problem to propose solutions For the biology study it’s necessary to understand the Biology Central Dogma The DNA is transcripted in RNA, that will be traduced in proteins The bioinformatician has to understand the importance of proteins Proteins are macromolecules present in all living beings and they participate in all cellular processes.

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